This used LionelLoco & Tender were found in my parent’s attic. When I was child, I remember having many different kinds of train sets. My Dad and I used to put up huge track arrangements that filled most of our game room.

I found a great deal of various Lionel items while going through their estate this past year. Both of my parents were smokers and had pets. I did a light cleaning but they will need a good going through.

Here’s what I have observed about them. I'm not a train expert or dealer so please examine the pictures closely and determine for yourself the condition. Please email me if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them the best I can. If you would like additional photos please ask.

The loco has some rust spots on the bare metal areas like the wheels & axles, not major though. It doesn’t appear to have anything broken or missing. The switch on top moves back and forth and all the wheels spin freely and the coupler seems ok. I have not tested the operation of the loco because I do not have a transformer. There is a lamp up inside but no smoking element.

The Tender is scratched up on the sides; nothing appears broken or missing though. All the wheels spin and the coupler isn’t broken. There is some rust on the wheels & axles.

If you have any questions please
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