Vintage Lionel Station Platform 156 Illuminated 0 027 Gauge Model Railroad BONUS

I was given this by a relative in the late 50s, early 60s. 12 in. long x 3.25 in wide x 5.125 in. high
The Station Platform No. 156 was another carry-over from the pre-war period and was produced from 1938 until 1942 during this era. It was illuminated by two No. 50 6-8 volt screw base lamps hooked up in series, and has a Bakelite painted roof and base, and die-cast metal uprights. Available during the post war period in 1948 and 1949, there are no known variations of this platform.
The pre-war versions of this platform have the upright posts painted GRAY , while the post war versions are painted SILVER . Also, the pre-war copies have roof finials for these posts that have been blackend, while the post war versions have nickel plated finials.
Before listing, I hooked this directly to a transformer and the bulbs lit. No bulbs included. Some damage to the signage: Rival sign has 4 finials broken, but Lionel / Rival sign mount to poles. Broken pieces on the Sunoco / Baby Ruth signs (see pics) and they do not mount to poles.
No original box. Selling as is.
BONUS...I will include a boulevard lamp (one pole, two tops); NOT WORKING>>> no wiring, socket, bulb included. I do not believe this is a Lionel product since the base in round and not hexagonal.
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