This VERY colorful VINTAGE little dutch boy brooch / pin has gold / golden yellow shoes, sky blue billowy pants, a tight red buttoned jacket and bow tie with a mathcing blue sailor-like cap / hat. His har curves down toward his chin on both sides and is a golden color. His eyes and eye brows are painted with black and his lips with red. He carries a woven red shallow basket in the crook of his arm with his hands on his hips. The basket swings on his arm when he moves as it is separate as a real basket would swing on someone's arm as they move.
He is almost in perfect condition to be as old as he is. I would estimate that this pin is nearly 65 to 75 years old. The straight pin is held tightly in its clasp on the back of the figurine and swings up and down not sideways. I know that the woman (in her late 50's) who sold it to me at the estate sale said it belonged to her aunt. It is from a large collection of antique costume jewelry from the late 19th century through mid twentieth century. Most of the items were from the 1940's. I suspect that this may be related to the Little Dutch Boy company and may have been a promotional advertisement that was givne out to customers or was worn by employees. Then again, it just may be a decorative pin not at all related to the paint company.

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