Vintage My little pony G1 *Cherries Jubilee* lovely & peachy pink ~beautiful!<3

This is a BEAUTIFUL pony in VGC. My house is overrun with ponies!It looks like a massive pony army is going to invade the living room. Such is the life of a MLP collector...She is such a pretty pony and she deserves to be showcased in a house where her new My Little Pony Mommy can truly appreciate her AND she can be displayed for all to see! She is DYING to get out of her plastic bag and onto your shelf!💗
Who: Cherries Jubilee
What: Adult Earth Pony/peach/pink hair/purple eyes/ assortment of cherries for cutie marks.
Where: Stamped HONG KONG 83 Hasbro
When: Y2 Earth Ponies set 1/1983
++Hair: Lovely wave and a gorgeous shine! Very soft but she's got a little pony frizz. Ends are a little dry on her mane. All plugs are present. No tail rust that I could see.
++Body: Beautiful peach color that is even toned all around. Head matches body. She leans a little. No rattles. No major marks on her that I could find.
++Cutie Marks: Light rubbing/fading. NDS has 2 cherries that look "fuzzy".
++Eye/Blush Paint: Blush is gone, save for a tiny hint of it on left cheek. Eyes are lovely. Minimal wear to right eye. No rubs.
Wow this is a lovely Pony. I would rate her to be in VGC. She's even prettier in person. Super sweet and graceful, you will LOVE this pony!
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