Vintage Logging Falling Crosscut Saw Dugan Undercutter

This weekend is devoted entirely to many hard to come by great old logging tools from the Pacific Northwest, the heart of the logging industry for close to 150 years. This stuff is getting harder and harder to turn up and is getting more costly as its popularity and scarcity increases. This stuff is dissappearing fast. Saturday night I am listing many great logging related tools. Sunday Night I am listing many great logging axes.

This bid is for a vintage logging Dugan patent crosscut saw undercutter or underbucker. Measures 19 1/2" long. These were used buy the logger when they were bucking the logs to length. They were driven into the underside of a down log and the back of the crosscut saw would ride in one of the grooves on the roller to hold the saw in place while making an undercut on the log. Roller turns freely, good condition. Still very usable or a great display logging item.

Many of the items listed this weekend will fit into a Priority Mail Flat Rate box for $11.00 U.S., up to 70 lbs, so you can get a lot into one of these if it will fit. International rate is $45.95 up to 20 lbs Flat Rate Priority, Canada is $29.95 Flat Rate Priority.

This item will be shipped Parcel Post.