Vintage (Lone Star Beer) Texas Style Can Opener

Certified Lone Star Beer

Now this is one neat old beer opener. It is heavily made to open a lot of the old beer cans of the old days. Maybe you got to fire off a round with your "Nichols Stallion" Six Shooter. The cap gun must go way back. I've never seen one that was so realisic. Double action. The cylinder rotates. Has a full cylinder of shells all ready for a caps to make the noise with. (See picture of shells). Everything works perfectly on gun and opener. You will not find to may of these laying around. Not in this condition.

Bottom says:

Novelty Can Punch Co.

Patent Serial No. 531663

Thrall, Texas

If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.

Stands 13" Tall. Wood base is 10" X 4 ". Overall lenght is 14 1/2".

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