Vintage Lone Star Luger Metal Cap Gun 9MM Automatic

Made in England, Says "LUGER Lone Star". other side says "9MM automatic". a few scratches, but overall great condition. cap drawer opens upwards. Trigger fires well, nice weight to this metal gun with plastic grips.

Selling a large collection of cap guns from an estate. My friend Bob's mom never threw out their toys, so when they sold the house they had a large box of 1950's and 60's toy guns. Selling them this week on ebay. You may want to take a look and combine shipping if you find something you like.

PLEASE NOTE: This Cap Gun is a Toy and cannot fire projectiles of any kind and cannot be converted to do so...has an Orange Plug inserted in the barrel in compliance with Ebay regulations and this toy will be sold and sent ONLY IN THE USA... ABSOLUTELY NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!!

This item is guaranteed to be as described or pictured. If you don 't like it, no big deal. I'll give you your money back, no problem. If its not what I say it is, then I'll refund the shipping also, otherwise just the purchase price. If you don't want to insure it, that's fine but you will have to take responsibility for lost or damaged articles.