Up for bid with no reserve are these 5 pieces in the Vaseline glass. 3 pieces have some issue, nothing major and I will describe is as best I can because it was difficult to capture all within 12 photographs.

The juice reamer with the 4 cups/32 oz. measuring cup. The reamer fits well but the locking notch on the reamer has a very tiny chip (pic. 11) but still functions the way it should. There is a marking on the reamer that I don’t recognize (pic. 6).The 4 cup measuring bowl with handle has no chip issue except for normal wear & tear from being used. A great piece to have in the kitchen. It is black light tested and has a spectacular glow. One of the best I have ever seen. It measures 8” across from the tip of the spout to the tip of the handle and stands slightly short of 5”.

The marked Hazel Atlas covered dish has no issue with the lid but the base of the dish has a little chip. Cannot be seen at first glance but on close inspection, it is there. I have super imposed pic # 12. The base measures 5 ¼” and sits 4” to the tip of the knob. Black light tested and also a great glow.

The third piece is a 3 spout measuring beaker. Measurements show on all three sides, ¼ cup increment up to a cup and also shows in 2 oz. increment up to 8 oz. It stands 4 ¼” in height and is 2 ¼” at the base. The measurement
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