Vintage LOT Franklin Mint SNOWFLAKE Necklace Crystal +!

Vintage LOT Franklin Mint SNOWFLAKE Necklace Crystal +!

VITAL!! PLEASE READ ALL the "Fine Print" at the bottom of the page ** BEFORE ** bidding to avoid any problems or hassles! Thank You! :o)

~PLEASE NOTE -This is a ** 3** Day (72 hours only)! ~LICKITY SPLIT QUICK! auction & my low opening bid has NOTHING to do with the overall niceness of these pieces-it's to keep listing fees down & promote the TRUE spirit of the auction!~ Good Luck & GOD BLESS!! GUARANTEED DOMESTIC (U.S) DELIVERY by Christmas!!!

If you like to wait until the last minute, will be sleeping, working, driving, (This Ends at 8:35PM EST-5:35PM PST!) or tend to forget (LIKE I DO!),You may want to use a BIDSNIPER service (I recommend EZsniper-the most affordable TRUE "No Strings" service!-and they give you 3 truly FREE trys to find out how convient they are-and idiot proof!-Tell `em Kittymom1 sent ya!-) Or **BID NOW**!

WHAT A *SPLENDID* VINTAGE GROUP of ~ ** SPARKLIES ** ~! some Holiday/Winter themed, others just very nice costume. I avoid worn or damaged items, and unlike an awful lot of sellers, I don't put them into lots as fillers-- to me, first off that's kinda crappy, secondly it just costs more to ship stuff that (if you are like me, you will just end up throwing away as you unwrap them from the box), and finally, I personally

TRULY these would cost a bit more in an Antiques & Collectables store or vintage Jewellery Bout ique-- but I'm offering you the chance to snatch up ALL of these at the BARGAIN Price with * NO RESER VE * So how can you say no?!?!-If you are even a little interested, BID TODAY -As I WON'T be relisting these BEAUTIES and will just send them to a local auction house!!

All my items are from clean non-smokey, non-musty environments and are described to the very best of my ability and ...
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