Vintage LOT Louisville & Nashville Railroad Memorabilia

This is a superb grouping of vintage memorabilia from the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. It belonged to the father of a lady friend in West Central Florida. He used to be a Passenger Agent for the railroad and worked t for over FIFTY years! One of the items is a scrapbook of his that has several letters from other agents on his retirement written on official stationery. T is also an American Association of Passenger Rate Men paper book of the membership and constitution, a 1951 calendar, a Frisco railroad brochure from 1959 for a testimonial dinner, a pamphlet called How To Travel by Train, a 1961 Ups and Downs news brochure, two 1968 executive calender booklets, a 1961 Railroad Information booklet, a 1959 Employee's Handbook, a group medical benefits brochure, two L&N Timetables from 1966 and 1968, a 1941 time table booklet for service to Florida, a matchbook from the railroad, two pinback buttons for the L&N and Union Pacific Railroads, nine wood pencils (un-used) from the L&N, a pad of L&N note paper for a passenger agent, two train locomotive engine tie bars, two locomotive pins, and a 1954 retirement notice. They are all in pretty good condition but some show signs of use with a piece of tape or a tear or tack hole. The L&N Railroad was finally completely bought out in 1971 so it is a fine set of memorabilia ... read more