Vintage Lot 4 Original Vintage Feed Flour Bags Sacks PINK PURPLE & BLUE PATCHES!

The lot for sale is a collection of beautiful vintage patterned feed flour bag sacks with beautiful pink, purple and blue patches.

4 Panels totaling ~2,160 square inches of material

I grew up on a little country farmand we never wasted a thing. Thus, we have a huge collection of these beautiful vintage fabrics. Each fabric panel varies in size slightly, from 16 to 12 inches in width and 36 inches in length. In addition, all edges have been trimmed and double hemmed to prevent fringing. Hems should be able to be removed without damaging the material rather easily.

These beautiful fabrics could be preserved in their present state or I have seen them transformed into amazing pieces of art and function. If you have any questions or would like a few more photos please don't hesitate. I will gladly accommodate as best I can.

Thank you for visiting and potentially supporting my college fund!!! ! :)