Vintage Ludwig 1960s White Marine Pearl Super Classic Drum Kit: 13/16/22

Vintage Ludwig 1960s White Marine Pearl Super Classic Drum Kit

This rarity is beautiful and ready to play! It's sounds, well, anyone who has heard one of these things will know, it sounds like a true Ludwig. This kit is very classy. It's got fresh coated Coated Ambassadors over coated Ambassadors on this, super jazzy! A new coated Powerstroke 3 along with the original Ludwig display head on the kick drum - thump'n! The previous owner has had this kit from day one, we assured Jim that'd it would go to a good home and in all honesty, when we set this thing up to take the pictures, it was very close to going home with ADC Adam!
Although this was bought as a complete outfit in the later '60s by it's previous owner, the kick is a quite rare 22" x 12" pre-serial drum! Custom order size, the slightly shallower depth leant more towards jazz but as the boss said when we tuned it up and hit it, "It just sounds like the rest of them!" Still those classic Ludwig 3 ply shells with reinforcement rings. All the drums have aged together regardless of what image three suggests, a trick of the light! One unit! The kick drum is clearly stamped 1961 (see picture six) and the floor tom is stamped 1967 (picture five). Natural mahogany interior kick and egg-shelled rack and floor with the original kick reso and tom reso! A players kit?


Seriously solid 9/10! This stunning kit has been well cared for! Very clean kit, it's previous owner has really looked after it. It's plain to see, rather than being polished and tarted up, the badges are their original matte brass hue. There's the most minor bit of gigware, almost unnoticeably mild beginnings of pitting on some the of the hardware on the bass drum but the overall impression of this kit is that it's immaculate! There's only a few minor things worth mentioning that take this kit out of being a 10 our of 10: There's a patch of the inevitable pedal rash on the batter kick hoop, the odd fleck of paint etc... There's some ware on the consolette rail from tom adjustment. All can be seen in image seven. As you can tell, we're struggling to find fault with this thing. After decades of gigging, this kit is in fantastic condition.

Looks beautiful but sounds even better! Buy a piece of history while you can, kits in such condition are rarely this well priced!


13” x 9” Rack tom w/ tom holder receiver box - Serial # 111762

16” x 16” Floor tom w/ legs - Serial # 495132

22” x 12” Floor tom w/ spurs - Serial # *PRE-SERIAL* (This drum pre-dates serial numbers.)

***This listing is for shell pack only. No other drums or hardware, other than what is listed abov e, is included with this lot.***

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