vintage ludwig drum 12.5 X 18

� O.K. This drum measures 12.5 X 18 diameter 56" red with good chrome This a vintage piece.It has the original case with it.The top skin needs tightened.I am not a drummer just have the drum.

� The drums interior measures 16.5 in.

� I did not know how to measure the drum when I ran the add.The correct measurements are � 16" X 12".After looking up drum finish the finish is fancy pearl,red.That is the only information I can find.Again I am not a drummer or a music store owner or a musician. I am just the guy selling the drum,I do not play drums so please,no tone questions.I know the previous owner's son played in a high school band in either the 60's or 70's.Now if they bought it used at the time I do not know.Judging by the case this drum is vintage with a capitol V.

� After opening drum it measures 17" X 12" see pictures for markings.

� The drum is 17" deep 12" wide