Offered here is a very fine VINTAGE BOXWOOD AND BRASS SPECIALTY RULER MANUFACTURED BY LUFKIN: A NUMBER 8236 TAYLORS' OR DRESSMAKER'S RIGHT ANGLE RULER WITH SPECIALTY MARKINGS. This ruler is in excellent condition with no flop or looseness in the brass right-angle joint. It sits flat without any warp and all the numbers and markings are bold. The ruler is marked in halves, thirds, fourths, etc. The long arm measures 12 inches long and the short arm 6 inches long. I am sure this fine ruler would find many uses in the wood shop and other trades that need measurements in divisions. The boxwood and brass parts are all clean and waxed, ready for use or display in the tool-ruler collection. Please see photos for additional details.

This very fine LUFKIN BOXWOOD AND BRASS, RIGHT-ANGLE RULE will be listed at a very low starting price with NO RESERVE. Winning bidder to pay $5.00 Priority Mail shipping costs which will include delivery confirmation. Thank you for looking and good luck .