Vintage Made in Germany ? Switzerland ? 3-D Cottage Kitchen Wooden Diorama

This auction is for what I believe to be a vintage three dimensional wooden wall mounted cottage sculpture. When you peer into the kitchen scene, you can imagine what chores, conversations, just the simple lives of the people who live in the cottage. I have no idea how old this piece is but it has so many little features. The piece measures 12-1/2" long, 9" wide and 2" deep. On the table, I see two little pieces not there which can easily be replaced with something else but otherwise this diorama is in very good condition. A really fun piece that would look good in a kitchen decor or even a family room...great for the cabin or second home. I am not sure if it was made in Germany or Switzerland which both places are known to have made these sculptures.

NOTE: Please! Please! read before bidding on my auction...Please do notbid if you have NOT read the description and looked at all features of the item up for auction. I may use the words “small, little, miniature, tiny” as all meaning the same thing. The same with large, big, bold, huge, etc. Consider the measurements as well as the words to see if this is what you want. I have no patience for the ridiculous. The old adage sometimes applies, “if in doubt, don't. It is more work than I have time for when dealing with unhappy buyers. Questions are always welcomed. I do not have a

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