Vintage Majestime pocket watch, fob & box fisherman

Hello, and thanks for stopping in! I purchased this pocket watch at an estate sale, and now I offer it to you. I thank you for taking a closer look with consideration to bid. When I bought this watch, it was not working. I took it to the jeweler/watchmaker. The watchmaker was not in that day, and t was a mis-communication between myself and the watchmaker. I only wanted to know if it was a nice enough watch to repair. And if it was, how much would the repairs be. To my shock, I received a phone call 2 weeks later, telling me the watch had been repaired, and the charges were 68 dollars! I went and paid the jeweler, and picked up the watch, and it has been setting on my desk ever since. Of course, I do not want to take a loss on the repairs. And this does not even include the price I paid at the estate sale. And I am aware that potential buyers do not believe a certificate of authenticity, however, if you contact me, I will give you the phone number of the jeweler. I am certain he will remember the situation, because I was extremely upset at the charges. And the work was done without my consent. And I proceeded to tell him this. Now, having said that, on with the description. It is a Majestime pocket watch. The case was gold tone, however some of the gold color has worn off in the higher areas of detail. Both sides have a different

When an item is purchased at an estate sale, 99% of the time the buyer knows nothing about the piece, unless you have a reputable auctioneer. Even at best, most of the time the auctioneer can only tell you what he sees. Cracks, chips, or what is written on the piece. This information is nice to know during bidding, but it would be the same information I would tell you. Just what I see, as the auctioneer does. The decision to bid is yours. I realize you can't touch a piece, or take a closer look, as I can at an estate sale. I take pictures, and give a description. If t is not enough information in what I show in a listing, please ask questions. I tell you this to give you the potential buyer a better understanding of my estate sale items.

Questions, please ask before the final day of bid . I am happy to answer any question, as t may be an important detail I missed . I list new items each day, and do multiple ships with discounts, so take some time and check out my other items. I would be glad to have you add me to your favorites list. Or, if time allows, stop into my store, SweetHeart's Content and sign up for my newsletter. You will receive advance notice of sale items , and an even greater discount on multiple ships. Thank you for looking.

Many of the items I list for bid, are purchased at estate sales. Due to the place of purchase, I consider all items vintage. If I know factually, that an item is new, I list it as such. Some may have been worn, or used, others may not. Bid with the assumption that you are purchasing a pre owned item. I try the best to accurately describe each item. I may however, miss a detail. I do not deliberately omit flaws. All items are reinspected prior to shipping. Please read the description carefully prior to making your bid. Also, please read My Policy . I do not make refunds unless the item is misrepr...
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