This auction is for a vintage mantle clock.Its made by sears roebuck co., which is engraved into the metal of the interior parts.Also engraved in the interior (69 340-020 Made in West Germany) .The name on the face of the clock is Tradition.The metal on the face and numbers are copper or brass.The clock is wood veneer, and in nice condition.The winding key to the clock comes with the auction. I don't believe the key is oroginal but it fits perfectly. The letters (A J K) are stamped on the key. .I think someone wound the clock too tight.Only one of the three winding points is loose enough to be wound.I did have it running for a few moments, but then it stopped.I have had this clock for 25 years ,but never tried to have it fixed.The clock is 8 inches tall and16 inches long. It has four chimes.Thats all I know.If you have any questions E-mail me.Shipping is as calculated.Thanks