Vintage Mar and Other Train Set + Plasticville + More


Some of this set needs a bit of TLC. There are 6 cars and one engine plus some accessory pieces. You get:

Key Wind Engine with the key. It winds, but unwinds right away. This is a very heavy piece, it weighs nearly 1'5" all by itself and it feels like cast iron. There is a lever on top, for reverse? It is missing one wheel and needs to be sanded down and repainted. Did not see any dents, I would think anything this hits would get the dents, not the engine! No name on it. MAR New York Central coal car. Good condition, no dents. Some surface rust on the wheels and other unpainted surfaces. Weighs almost 9 oz. Black boxcar, no name, good condition. Looks like a home paint job. Spot at one end where it looks like a bit of the metal is missing. Rusted out and painted over? RRR car, Pennsylvania. Red open top car. Missing one set of wheels. Looks like it was bent wider at the middle, needs fixing though it isn't noticible until you look down from the top.. MAR red caboose. New York Central Lines. Scratches in the paint, few dents, small bit of surface rust. Overall good shape. There is a slot on the roof with nothing in it, no idea what goes there. Same car as the last, but a bit worse shape. The connector is missing, a dent in the roof. Needs a few parts bent back into shape. Baltimore and Ohio long grey
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