Vintage Marble Type Soda Bottle

Vintage Marble Soda Bottle

Hand Made - Emerald Green

Blue Cobalt Marble



Whether collecting for value or beauty, these old marble bottles are a true work of art and hard to come by. Weighing almost two pounds of dark, hand produced, emerald green glass, this is one bottle that adds that special touch to any collection.

Being hand produced, air bubbles traped inside the glass makes this a one of a kind ART GLASS

This bottle is considerably over 50 years old and guaranteed authentic. Marble inside neck is blue cobalt. These were the very first soda pop bottles and most are not around today due to bottle being broke for the prized antique marble inside. An antique dealer and friend of mine was fortunate to secure a nice quantity of these bottles from an old warehouse still in their original cartons that never made it to the botteling company and never filled. This is a one time opportunity to own a genuine piece of history.

Before I ever sold the first one, I had them authenticated - THEY ARE THE REAL THING (GUARANTEED)

Unlike items produced today, this bottle will continue to increase in value with time. You will not be disappointed with this purchase or I will refund 100% of your purchase price. No telling what this bottle
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