Vintage March 10, 1968 Original Jimi Hendrix negatives Washington Hilton concert

I snapped these 12 photos on March 10, 1968. He played two concerts that day and this was the first one which I hear was the better of the two - think the International Ballroom at the Washington, DC Hilton holds about 4,000 and it was simply amazing how he controlled the power coming off those stacks of Marshall amps! I was pretty close up, maybe in the third row. Foxy Lady was the second song and I remember he held the feedback in the beginning for about 20 seconds and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting for him to crash down in to the beginning! They were shot with a Nikon F and although a little blurry it does give you an idea of his set-up. By buying these I give you full permission and rights to do whatever you want with them. Please note that this auction is for the 12 negatives only and does not include the small prints I used for the listing. The negatives are in excellent condition and were only handled once since then when I made prints in 1999. First Class shipping in the continental U.S. is free if sent in a regular business envelope. Priority shipping if desired would be an extra $6.00. Ask about international and I can get it weighed.