's a Great Old Vintage Ships Lantern that has been made into a Beautiful Nautical Table Lamp. This is a solid brass, English made, real ships lantern. The trade mark name on the lantern is Sea Horse G B (see photo 7). I believe that this lantern is a running lamp for a smaller boat, such as a launch or tug boat. It has a clear lens facing forward, a red lens facing to the port side, and a green lens facing to the starboard side. The port and starboard lenses are made of very thick glass.

This Beautiful Old English Ships Lantern is made of Solid Brass that has been soldered together. The brass has a beautiful aged patina. The lantern has a strap on the upper back side that would have been used to mount it to a masthead or other suitable location (see photo 5). This lantern was mounted to a beautiful heavy piece of solid magohany wood for use as a table lamp. The shade shown in the photos is not included in the auction.

The measurements of the lantern and wood base only, and not including any of the lamp parts (also excluding the ring on the top of the lantern), are: width 10 1/2 inches, depth 5 1/4 inches, height 10 inches. This lantern/table lamp could easily be converted back to a ships lantern only, while leaving the small buld inside the lantern electrified.

This Great Old Vintage English Solid Brass
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