Vintage MARTELL CORDON BLEU COGNAC Baccarat Decanter

Vintage Martell Cordon Bleu Decanter

Baccarat Crystal Decanter

MAGNIFICENT , unopened and sealed, Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, in a Baccarat Crystal Decanter with stopper! This has to be one of the finest decanters made! The exquisitely shaped bottle is faceted like a diamond with eight, prism shaped, sides! A royal blue cord is firmly wrapped around the lovely neck of this bottle bearing the gold hang tag with royal blue lettering. The gold, temporary, stopper is to be replaced with the Baccarat Crystal stopper that comes in its original black velvet pouch. It too is exquisitely shaped and faceted like a HUGE diamond...perhaps like the "Hope Diamond"! T is no box, however it will be securely boxed and wrapped for shipping. The bottle tax stamp is still intact, but has pulled away a bit from the bottle because of the plastic shrink wrap seal pulling away. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL PIECE!

Unopened and in MINT Condition!

This bottle comes direct from a former Brown-Forman Executive's private collection!

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