Vintage MARX WELLS FARGO Playset ~ NICE BOX & NO RESERVE!!!! Series 500

Vintage Marx Wells Fargo Playset
First of all before we start let me say this...look at the other items I sell...I'm not a play set guy!! I got lucky and bought a few vintage original MARX play sets out of a recent estate sale. So if you need to know something I will try and help you, but I think the photos will show you guys most of what you need. This set as the photos will show is not complete, but you guys know better than I what is missing. The horse and carriage are really clean!! To be honest I'm not sure what is pictured actually came with this set originally. Best thing about the set of course is the box and it is in pretty nice solid shape! You guys know what comes with the set better than I do, so please check out the photos and ask any questions before bidding.
Best thing about this one....NO RESERVE and super low starting bid!!!
Winner pays actual S&H
Note: I ship one day a week...MONDAY

Found the Jim Hardie figure that goes with the set, but because of the ridiculous way Ebay sets up their photos I cannot post a picture of it once the auction is started with bids. Figure looks umplayed with!!