Vintage Masters of the Universe He Man MOTU 17 Guys 2 Cats Case Weapons

Now these I know nothing about except they were rather expensive when new. These were my Grandsons and I just got them down from the attic.

There is a Jumbo Collectors Case with 17 different guys, 2 Cats with Saddles, and some weapons.

I see no damage but they will need cleaned.

See my other auctions for a 2 other cases with 16 guys.

Please use pictures as part of description. ~~THANK YOU!~~


I am a self proclaimed Hoarder and will be listing the contents of my Home, Attic, and Garage due to downsizing! Please take a moment to look through the treasures I have collected thoroughout the years. You never know you may see something you just can't live without!

If more Pictures are needed PLEASE Email,, I will be happy to let you see what you need to.. I am not an expert however, do know ALOT about Antiques (being one myself).. If there is damage it will be described. I treat all my buyers like I would expect to be treated.. MOST items are OLD and have age issues but ALL DAMAGE WILL BE DISCLOSED !! I want you to have a pleasant experience on ebay and STRIVE to make it that way.. Thanks for viewing my auction and make sure to take a gander at the other things I have listed.*

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