Vintage Matchbox Regular Wheels - 79 Car Lot w/ Two Vintage Cases

Up for auction is a large lot of vintage Matchbox Regular Wheels. 79 cars total. These are the original cars from the original Lesney 1 though 75. Only 3 are missing from this collection – 33, 45, and 54. All t hese cars are B,C, D and E’s. They are in nice shape – some have some paint chipping and decal rub while others are very clean. They have been played with and should not be considered mint out of the box. There are some duplicate cars and there are some with the same number but different letters. The above are indicated with asterisks. There are a few cars with missing rubber tires or other items – this is noted behind each listing.

Please view pictures carefully – pictures can describe the condition better than I can. The cars are pictured in order from first picture to last - top to bottom in each picture.

Also included are two vintage (“Official”) Matchbox Series Collector Cases. One is a 72 car holder and is stamped 1968 and the other is a 24 car holder and is stamped 1969. Both cases are in worn condition. Several of the outside corners have rub or splits on the vinyl down to the cardboard underneath. The interiors have splits/tears or missing pieces of vinyl and the clear plastic windows have cracks and tears. All of the plastic car trays are in real nice shape – no problems there. The large case is
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