Vintage MATHES COOLER fan. Runs Great! Powerful! Rare!

Up for bid is a vintage MATHES COOLER wooden box fan .

The size is approximately 18 inches wide by 15 inches tall and

a little over 8 inches deep. It is heavy!

It has the name MATHES COOLER on the bottom front of

the base and an oval shaped plaque on the left side that


LOW setting.

As you turn the dial from HIGH to LOW, the fan slow S as you

get closer to LOW. (I don't know why they didn't put a

MEDIUM setting on it since t seems to be an actual

medium speed).

The model number I can't make out but under the space for

the model number it says 110 volt .

Opposite of this (still on the plaque) is AMP and the space

under that I can't make out. Under that it says 60 cycle .

And again, on the bottom of the plaque is CURTIS MATHES .

The fan needs cosmetic work but it runs great and will blow

you away !! My husband said he thought the plug-in has been

replaced. Also the metal things on the back are uneven but are

all t The ones on front are straight. The wood bottom

(base) of the fan has broken through (see pictures) and some of

the veneer finish has started to peel.

I have taken many pictures
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