Vintage Mathmos Lunar Lava Lamp - US Seller!!!

Mathmos Lunar
Green /Blue
Almost 3 Feet Tall!
80cm (31.5 inches)
One of the largest Lamps ever made. The Lunar was the high-end lava lamp offering from Mathmos. This lamp was never sold in the United States and had to be purchased in Europe . This particular one is from Australia and will require a transformer (easy to get at any electronics store) to run in the United States .
Shipping from Europe made this lamp cost-prohibitive and it is VERY RARE to find an example in the US .
The best pieces of Mathmos lighting ever released.
The lunar is absolutely stunning and is from my personal collection!
T are some minor dings in the beautiful chrome, but nothing distracting.
Uses a 75w spot light.

T is no better Christmas gift to get for a lava lamp collector!
Please note: The first photo with the Mathmos Man is a stock photo and not a photo of the actual lamp being sold!!!!
Since I have been asked this question a few times, I thought I should post the answer. This lamp is 100% original with all of the original wiring (including the dimmer).