Vintage Mattel’s Electronic Handheld Baseball Game circa 1978

Founded in 1977 as a subsidiary of toy maker Mattel, MattelElectronics was a pioneer of early handheld electronic games and also videogames. The most popular electronic games of the time were Mattel’s Football and Baseball handheld games.

The Mattel Electronic Baseball game is designed to provide either one or two players with the thrills and suspense of real baseball. Player(s) compete against the computer and each other, trying to score as many runs as possible during the 5-inning game. Number of balls, outs and bases, etc….its the same as in real baseball! You can get any kind of a hit, even walk on balls called. You’ll need a good “batter’s eye” to handle the tricky pitching, and you’ll also need to keep on top of game conditions (number of outs, men on base, etc.) in order to make the most of your opportunities.

Plenty of excitement awaits you, so play ball!

You can download Electronic Baseball version (PDF) of Manual online.

Mattel's Electronic Baseball circa 1978 LED, 9 Volt Battery (Battery not included) Model# 2942-0320)
U. S. Patent # 4,324,402
Invented by: George Klose (According to the Patent)
Programmed by: Mark Lesser
Fitted for AC Power Input on the Right hand side of game (Power Input not included) Dimensions: 6" x 3.5" x 1"

International buyers are responsible

If game starts to malfunction or the game starts acting "slow" try putting in a new battery.

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