Offered are two pieces of vintage Mattel Modern wooden doll furniture in a style similar to Danish Modern. Mattel stated that these pieces were made for 8" to 10 1/2" dolls.

The sofa measures 9 1/2" long and has a solid piece of wood at one end with the back being hinged to drop to convert to the bed. The pad is original but the foam that was inside has deteriorated to just crumbs over the past 64 years. The pillows are still firm.

The coffee table is 7" long and stands 1 3/4" tall. It is in good condition, but does have one small nick out of a leg. All legs are intact, but some are loose.

Both pieces are stamped with the logo Mattel International and show what was supposed to be the date of 1953 in Roman Numerals. Apparently they were misprinted as the date is shown as MCMLLIII which has one too many L's. The stamp also includes the word Japan.

I have tried to describe these pieces as best I can. These were mine as a child and I did enjoy playing with them. If you need any additional information please email me and I will attempt to answer your questions as best as possible.