Vintage Mayfair by Evans Compact Purse Gold Mesh Enamel

Antique Mayfair Evans Compact Purse

This beautiful compact purse is an exceptional antique dating to the 1940s. Its body is made of gold-colored metal mesh, which is lined with a peach-colored cloth lining. It has a hard, circular opening, which is on a hinge that opens with a small clasp. The face of the opening is rimmed in gold metal, with a black inner circle and another gold band. Eight small gold flowers are placed on top of the black rim. The center is a powder blue-colored enamel in the center of which is a small, shield-shaped decoration which coyly reads FOLLOW ME over a sword.

This is a compact purse, and as such it opens in a variety of ways to multiple compartments. One compartment holds an absolutely untouched pink shade of blush. In the blush, there are the words Mayfair by EVANS in an oval and with a crest between them. The blush has a small white pad with it and the circular metal piece that is opposite the blush is a thin mirror on either side. There is another metal compartment that appears to have held a powder at one time, although it is now empty. The piece of metal that closes over this compartment has a hammered effect. Both of these makeup compacts snap together neatly, so when the purse is initially opened, it has a single gold-colored piece that has circular rings impressed in the metal.

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