Vintage McCall's Magazine

This beautiful vintage McCall's magazine includes an article about Charles Lindbergh, and has many colorful ads, including an ad for Coca Cola, and other ads featuring the Dionne quintuplets, and Shirley Temple. There is some water damage on the top middle of the magazine which has created a pinkish discoloration on the middle part of some of the pages. Most parts of the magazine are unaffected by this stain. The spine is intact, with small wearing on the top and bottom- 1" or less.McCall’s magazine is notable for having three magazines in one. With a homemaking section, news and literature section, and a style and beauty section, there is enough to satisfy anyone’s taste. McCall’s oversized magazines feature beautiful vintage fashions, fun old-fashioned recipes, interesting articles from the period, and fabulous ads of all shapes, colors, and varieties. Use your McCall’s magazine as a source for period art, information about certain antique items, and for whatever else you can dream up. Alma Jane’s thinks that the vintage ads in McCall’s magazine would look lovely framed!