Your bidding on a vintage galvanized insulated metal milk box. Used in the 1940's & 50's by folks who had the milkman leave the glass milk bottles on their porch in these old metal boxes. It advertises on the front of the box for the old "Home Dairy Product Inc." Company!! This old galvanized metal box is in fairly good condition for it's age. Has a small dent on the front middle left side and it has a few spots of black paint on top of the lid. No major rust,just a couple of specs of light surface rust on lid. I've taken a picture of the dent that is on the front. Black paint and rust can probably be cleaned off if that is what the new owners would want to do. Lid lifts fine. Measures 14 3/4 inches long and 9 7/8 inches wide and 12 3/4 inches tall. The advertisement for the Home Dairy Products Inc. is in pretty fair condition maybe some light fading and paint scratches. You can tell by the picture that it looks real good for it's age. Can't hardly find them like this now. Check it out. Thank You!!