Very Old "AS IS" Vintage Mexican Sterling Amethyst Flower & Leaf Bracelet

I was just looking at this bracelet again...wondering if I should change the price on this piece and after looking it over I think this is a very good price and I don't think anyone would be disappointed in this piece for this still is a very beautiful bracelet.

***This piece is sold "AS IS" and the sale is final, no returns.***

I marked this down even more than the already significant markdown....I have more invested in this piece, but I think it is a good old Mexican bracelet. I wish it was in excellent would be just amazing! It is a "one of a kind", because I don't see many with this design. (This piece weighs 47.7 G)

The price is reflective of repairs, if this piece was in excellent condition it would be priced at $300 or more.***Note this piece can only be polished with a cloth, no harsh cleaners at all.***

This bracelet is most likey circa 1920's or earlier and as a result some of the sterling balls were split open. They were repaired in about 5 (2 larger, 3 small) spots on the top of the bracelet, refer to the pictures.***The last pictures are the best pictures of the top repairs.*** (There were some minor repairs to the bottom of the bracelet, all having to do with the sterling balls because of age.)

It was repaired in the best way for its age, cold
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