¡La obra maestra de maestro! ...

Masterpiece of the Maestro is an understatement! One of Hector Aguilar's signature designs, this "Knot and Three Beads Bracelet," circa mid- to late-1940's, is a must-have for every serious collector. It is composed of five handwrought panels, each of which has been cut, incised, and pierced in a twisted knot motif, and embellished with a small silver hemisp top and bottom. The panels are connected by hinges made up of three vertically stacked silver sps. The piece closes with a bayonet clasp that is affixed to a safety chain.
Hallmarks: The rarely seen hallmark on this particular Aguilar bracelet-- TB or JB {in a cartouche}--is featured in the section on Hector Aguilar hallmarks in both Penny C. Morrill's Silver Masters of Mexico and Bille Hougart's The Little Book of Mexican Silver Trade and Hallmarks . Though each expert source interprets the hallmark differently, both nevertheless recognize and identify the mark as being authentic to Aguilar and Taller Borda . Hougart states that it may be an early mark for Taller Borda { TB }, while Morrill believes the mark belongs to a North American company { JB }, which had a contract with Taller Borda, and that it appears on jewelry designed by Hector Aguilar during the period 1943-1948. The remaining portions of the bracelet's hallmark--
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