Vintage Mexico 950 Sterling Silver Red Jasper Hinged Link Necklace

Item: Just recently I sold a bracelet that matches this gorgeous red ja sper (with black veins) necklace, so I was quite surprised to find this piece since it is quite unique. It is a link necklace with hinges and a firm clasp w hich is marked Mexico and 950 for 95% silver w hich is a purer silver than the u sual 92.5%. It is really ha rd to measure an end to end length because it doe s not open fully because of the hinges. However, when closed it measure s a little over 5 inches in diame ter. Mathematically, that means the circumfer ence (end to end) would b e a little over 16 inches. Hey, how 's that? And I taught English! It is in excellent condition; I see no flaws.
Please ask questions before bidding. I sell only to those who live in the United States. If your inv oice includes a request for a charitable donation of any kind, pleas e know that the request i s not on my part .
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