Vintage Microscope Slides

Vintage Microscope Slides. Three boxes of slides approximately 275. Some have no tags all are dusty. Some are from the 1800s up to the 1930s. I believe they are of bugs,human,animal.One slide says Section of Fossil Wood 10/96.One dated 1865.Boxes are in bad shape. I think they will be fine for shipping. Any questions ask and I'll try to answer.
*Some of the slides I can read are tagged: Wood section rain tree traverse longitudal section 7/92, Robescis of Blow Fly 10/92, Head of black centipede 6/94, Section of Fossil Wood 10/96, Antennae of No 1 spider showing mouth 6/94, Transverse section of tooth of sheep 82, Tricerahum hardinmian UM - See Journal Vol 13 1865 - Barbadoes, Skin and hair, head of bee, mount of moth, dragon fly wing, skin of spider, scales of butterfly, scales of moth wing, x section geranium stem, tongue of butterfly, scales of moth, bee sting and poison sac 1935, white pine leaf section, oak leaf section, fly wing, leg of beetle, apis mouth parts, heart rat sleeping sickness infection, fir , mandibles of grasshopper, leg of beetle, fatty degen heart, turtle trachel elastic fibers special stain, anthracosis lung, skin with subcutanpos fqscia, muscle and fat, sickle cell anemia, ouidoct fimbria, adrenal gland, spleen fatty degen of liver, intestine injected, tongue , uterus, linea semilunaris (hc) h + pf , pancreas
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