Vintage Microscope Slides Various Cestodes From Verts.

It appears that this may be my last collection of Cestodes of Vertebrates.

At auction is one (1) Set Of 65 Slides Of Various Cestodes Of Vertebrates. This auction consists of slides that are in the photo . Most slides are complete with labels and collection/source data. This is a nice set of slides for the serious collector and student of cestodes of vertebrates. The parasites included in this auction are as follows:

1-5.) Khawia sinensis from Cyprinus carpio ( Carp ) 1972+1977 .

6-7.) Hypocaryophyllaeus paratarius from Ictiobus cyprinellus ( Bigmouth Buffalo ) 1977 .

8.) Echinostoma revolutum from Gallus gallus ( Chicken ) 1977 .

9.) Bothriocepahalus latus eggs from Turtox General Biological Supply House.

10.) Diphyllobothrium latum from Turtox General Biological Supply House. Older slide.

11-18.) Dipylidium caninum W.M. of 4 regions from Southern Biological Supply Company.

19-20) Taenia pisiformis mature c.s. from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

21-22.) Taenia pisiformis composite from Ward's Natural Science Establishment. Coverglass cracked on one slide but replaceable by new owner. One slide is undated the other is 1953 .

23.) Taeniidae cyticercus from Sylvilagus floridanus ( Eastern Cottontail Rabbit ) 1970 .

24-28.) Taenia pisiformis
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