Vintage Microscope Slides Various Parasitic Protozoa #1

I have been asked if I have any parasitic protozoa slides that will be listed. The answer is yes, but only three (3) nice sets. This is set #1.

At auction is Set #1. Set #1 Consists Of 50 Slides Of Various Protozoa. Most Are Parasitic, Some Are Not. This auction consists of slides that are in the photo . Most slides are complete with labels. Collection/source data on labels is variable, some being limited to name only. This is a nice reference set of slides for the serious collector and student of parasitic protozoa. Please be informed that clinical blood smears usually do not come with coverglasses (They are not applied during processing), as is the case with several of the slides in this listing . The parasites included in this collection are as follows:

1-2.) Leptotheca ohlmacheri . Undated.

3-5.) Nosema apis . Undated.

6.) Nyctotherus sp. from Frog from Turtox General Biological Supply House.

7.) Organ smear. Unlabeled and undated.

8-9.) Eimeria brunetti.

10.) Didinium sp. devouring Paramecium sp.

11.) Hydramoeba hydroxena on hydra from Ward's Natural Science Establishment.

12.) Flabellula sp. Ciliate in fission from Turtox General Biological Supply House.

13.) Ceratium from Turtox General Biological Supply House.

14.) Haemoproteus
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