Vintage Mid Century Motorola Bakelite Tube Radio Art Deco Style - Still Works!

1946 Motorola Radio (Model 65x11A) Vintage - Bakelite - Tube Style Radio - Still Works!
Wonderful find . . . Vintage "Bakelite" Tube Style Radio. Wonderful Condition, Still Works, just attach any wire antenna to the metal input in the back! (see photos). Great overall condition!
Cabinet Style: Table
Tube Count: 6
Circuit Type: Superheterodyne
Power: AC w/o transformer
Bands: Broadcast
Tubes: 12SJ7(2), 12SK7, 12SQ7, 35L6, 35Z5
Speaker: 4" Dynamic
This is a 6 tube superheterodyne Bakelite table radio that tunes just the broadcast band. It is built without a power transformer but due to tube advances, no resistance line cord or ballast tubes are required. Commercial radio production was stopped during WWII as the radio manufacturers built military equipment. This is one of the first post WWII commercial radios.. It has a beautiful wood-colored finish. Please take a look at the photos for details and email if you have any questions. From the home of a serious vintage art-deco collector! More items being listed daily, pleases check back for more incredible vintage 40s items! /merchant/oranj
Radio measures 12.5" L x 8" H x 6.5" W. Weighs approximately 7 pounds.