Vintage Midge Ken Ricky Outfits Clothes + Penny Brite

Included are vintage Midge, Ricky and Ken dolls and Barbie, Ken and Penny Brite outfits. The Ken doll has the flocking almost gone from his head but the body is in good shape. There are a few surface scratches on Midge and some loss of paint on her eyebrows. Ricky as some paint loss in his hair. ( I have tried to show this in the photos.) Also, Ricky's arm is slightly loose. The outfits for Ken show wear with the slacks that match the suit jacket torn down the inside seams. I believe they can be sewn. The insides of some pieces are frayed but again, may be repairable. Included is a vintage doll stand. I also have some loose pieces to add. I will include Penny Brite doll. Her arm is a bit loose and she has some age related wear but cute little doll. Please email with any questions. Thank you for looking!