Vintage Minton china, Ronson table lighter. Leaping salmon. Lovely condition

Lovely item

Minton China base housing a Ronson Lighter

I think this has been in our family since the mid 1960's - to late 1960's

We had various table lighters as it seemed to be the thing to buy people if they were smokers at that time.

I cannot remember it being used, but presumably it has.

After putting some lighter fluid in and a flint, I don't seem to be able to get it to work. The wheel is either not making contact with the flint or the flint is too big for the appature. It may also need a wick? The base has got the wool stuff in but I'm sure there should be a wick. Possibly removed by my father many years ago, I have no idea.

So... sold as not working, but I'm sure you people in the know about lighters would be able to sort it out.

These are apparently hand painted and this one has been signed A Holland. The scene looks like it could be in Scotland and the back of the lighter has an island with fir trees.

The water splashes made by the leaping salmon stand proud of the piece, which is a nice touch.

has the Minton logo and a ring of felt on the base so that it does not scratch your furniture

Making the oldies have a clear out of things no longer used

Postage is set for 1st class, but should this item go over £46, then I'm afraid
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