Vintage old - modern Junk Drawer Jewelry Lot resell

READ item description before bidding. READ shipping info (at bottom of page) before bidding. If you don't mind waiting for parcel post shipping then feel free to bid on my auctions. I'm very easy to deal with but couple buyers gave me a low rating in DSR for shipping time even though they knew I used parcel post and their item arrived well within the estimated delivery time. I am not to happy about it.

Now for the fun part!

Assortment of vintage to some newer more modern pieces of jewelry. Looks like mostly earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings etc.

All will be in used condition. Some piece may be more worn than others. There may be broken pieces. Looks like there are a lot of pairs of earrings. Just an assortment of jewelry.

Resale, wear, repair, harvest, crafts or whatever you wish to do with it.

I'm just tired of sorting through and selling jewelry right now so I will be listing jewelry, unsearched, in lots.


All my items are from rummage sales, estate sales, auction sales and EBay sales so I have no prior history of the items. Because of that fact, I can not promise the items to be from pet, smoke or dust free environments.

Some items may need to be washed.

Just like at a real auction:

Sometimes you feel the
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