High bidder wins this colorful 17 1/8 " x 13¼" mola with an image copied from a box of Swedish PARROT SAFETY MATCHES. We found this anecdote on the Internet about a nearly identical mola purchased in Caledonia, which leads us to believe this one may have been made by the same woman:

"While I was ashore, I passed a group of women sitting together sewing under the shade of an awning spread out near the 'tienda.' One of the women asked me in Kuna if I liked molas. I said yes, indeed I did. She took me by the hand and led me to her hut… When we arrived, I had a sense of deja vue. I recalled visiting this very same hut on our last visit three years ago. As she pulled out several nice molas to show me, my memory was clearer. Her name was Delfina Guardia, and I distinctly recalled a terrific mola that she'd had back then, which I'd decided not to buy, a decision I'd regretted ever since. On the front of the blouse had been a rendition of a box of Parrot-brand matches that said 'Made in Sweden' with no spaces between the words… Many of the molas of the past 75 years are fanciful renditions of everyday items that the mola maker uses. All of them speak to the contemporary culture and personal world of the woman who made them."

You can read the anecdote in full, and see a photo of this mola, at /cruising/ithaka/200606-01.asp.
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