**Vintage ''MOM'' Alarm Clock Made In Hungary

is a vintage alarm clock with the bells on the top.This clock was made in Hungary,& it is a MOM.The clock has a silver colored,metal case,that is in wonderful condition.It has a round sort of ivory colored face with black numbers with the old fashioned illuminated dots for night vision beside the numbers.It stands on two metal legs about 4 inches tall & about 2 3/4'' across its face.It has winders on the back to wind the clock and wind the alarm,two knobs,one to set the clock and one to set the alarm,a slide button for the alarm,and a slide button for the volume level.This clock looks new,and works great,keeps great time & it rings a loud alarm. A very nice collectible alarm clock or a functional use alarm clock.As always thank you for looking at my auction/s.