Vintage Monkey Pod Wood Perfume Bottle w/Perfume Vial

Vintage Hawaiian Monkey Pod Wood Perfume Bottle with Perfume Vial

My mother's older brother served with the Seabees (62nd Naval Construction Battalion) in the South Pacific during World War II. At some time when he was on leave in Honolulu, between 1942 and 1945, he sent my mother this bottle of perfume.

The bottle is approx. 3" wide at the widest part x 1 1/4" deep x 3" high at its tallest part (not including the wood perfume bottle cap). The information stamped on the bottom of the bottle reads: "Patent No. 112,785/ Hand Carved in Hawaii/ Patented/ Monkey Pod Wood." The wood itself is quite dark. I took numerous photos, under various lighting arrangements, in order to capture as nearly as possible the true color of the wood. The photos I've included reflect the color of the carved bottle almost exactly. It is in perfect condition.

The perfume vial still holds the dried residue of the perfume it originally contained. The upper portion of the perfume label is missing, but it's possible to read the following: "Tropic Kiss/ Remembrance of Pikake/Bottled by John A. Oya & Co., Honolulu, T. H." The silver label below reads: "Contents 1/8 Fluid Ounce or 1 Dram."

My mother treasured this wartime memento from her brother and always kept it in her curio. It has been packed away since her death 20 years ago. My uncle
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