Vintage Montblanc 232 Fountain Pen 1940 Meisterstück

Up for auction is a great vintage Montblanc 232 fountain pen. The 232 is the smallest of the 23X series and was marketed by Montblanc as a ladies' pen. It is compact, but posts to a very comfortable size, perfect for quick notes or long writing sessions. This pen was made in the late 1930s when Germany had already banned the use of gold in pen nibs, as such it features a steel alloy nib in a size medium. This nib is awesome! It is smooth and crisp, with perfect ink flow and a ton of flex. It can easily go from M to BB, and makes for a fun writing experience adding a ton of character to even the most mundane notes. It is supplied by a flat ebonite feed.
The pen has Montblanc's famous telescoping piston mechanism. It is a three-stage piston that retracts into itself allowing the whole barrel to fill with ink. It is in perfect condition with a fresh cork and was restored recently by Gary Lehrer of GoPens. The barrel is free of any marks, and all the engravings are deep and legible. The star on the cap top is in perfect condition and is quite the looker.
Don't miss the opportunity to add a great Montblanc to your collection.
Thanks for looking!