Vintage Moriage DRAGONWARE Luncheon Tea Set 19 Pieces

Moriage Dragonware

Made in Japan

Sumptuous handpainted design with raised beaded details and spectacular use of shades and tones. Inside of each cup features lustrous paint technique - the cups are transparent when held to the light - the dragon design shows through the finish. Set is intact with any exceptions noted below. Estimated carefully packed weight 14 lbs (USPS and FedEx Ground options provided to buyer).

Teapot with lid and steam hole in the knob: 8" H (base to knob) x 5-3/4" H (base to pot) x 4-3/4" diameter (at widest point on pot) x 10" L (dragonhead to dragontail) - a few tiny unglazed spots - possibly nicks or as manufactured - hard to tell

Double handle sugar bowl with lid: 5" H (base to knob) x 4-1/4" H (base to bowl) x 4-1/4" diameter x 6-1/4" L (handle to handle) - a repair to the dragonhead knob - a few flea bites around the lip and extremely fine crack alongside one handle

Six luncheon plates: 7-1/4" diameter - a few flea bites along the rim - some of the shine has worn off the glaze in small areas on some plates

Six saucers: 5-1/2" diameter - a few flea bites along the rim - one saucer has a tiny drop of paint along the under lip - and one saucer has a very small chip just above the beaded border

Five cups: 3-3/4" diameter x 2" H - small chips on
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