What an awesome talking robot gumball machine called MOUTHY MARVIN BY NORTHWESTERN. He stands 46" from bottom to top of antenna, 41" without antenna, width including arms is app. 19", 12" deep, glass front intact, some scratches on front and back, a couple scrapes in back, see photos, t are a couple of stickers which need to be removed with some type of adhesive remover-we'll leave that up to the buyer-also some white paint specks on top-easily removed-he works great! He says: EARTHLING, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER I THINK I'M LOST, SAY DON'T I KNOW YOU FROM SOMEPLACE HOW ABOUT MARS, DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW YOUR FRIENDS WITH A ROBOT-I WON'T TELL, BOY THOSE BIG BALLS OF GUM SURE STICK IN MY THROAT AS HE IS COUGHING, some lines repeat several times before changing, and may be a little slow, it hasn't been used in years. Key for top included, it's a 25 cent machine, we found it with the toys in plastic capsules inside, you will receive those also. Also the original box is included. Don't pass this deal up, shipping will be 60.00, or you can pick it up if preferred. Kovel's book price is 900.00 Our buy it now price is 250.00, so worth it!! Please ask any and all questions before bidding. Thanks for looking.