Vintage Musical Cigarette Box- Ashtray- Original Petrol Cigarette lighter.1950s.

*Vintage *

A Combined Musical Ashtray, Cigarette Box and Original Petrol Lighter.

A charming 'Working' Musical Cigarette Box with Ashtray and Original Petrol Lighter.

Made of Copper Plate, it measures approx. 8 inches by 5 inches.

C.1950s. Music is : 'Waves of the Danube' (The Anniversery Waltz)

Right side has the 'Original' Petrol Lighter, The Centre is the Cigarette Tray,

Underneath the Tray is the hidden Musical Movement and on the Left is The Ashtray.

An Unusual Combined Cigarette Box/Ashtray/Lighter.

After days of trawling the www I have researched this item and the best I can find out is:

The Musical Movement inside the Cigarette Box was made by a Japanese Company

Called 'Nidec Sankyo' which was established in Japan in 1946.

It started its Production of Musical Boxes, such as this one, in 1950.

SANKYO Musical Movements and Musical boxes, are respected and used today throughout the World.

One Sankyo Musical Box I have found advertised, recently sold for over $790.

This Cigarette Box is in a Good, Usable Condition. All I have done is brush off the dust.

Cleaned up or as it is it will make a stunning Addition and talking piece For Any Collector.

A Heavy Item. (I apologise but I've had to
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