Vintage Mustard/Gold Descoware 5 Qt Dutch Oven w/ lid

This is a Dutch-Oven and matching lid by Descoware made in Belgium in a very popular Mustard/Gold enamel exterior finish and an off-white enamel interior finish in really excellent condition. The exterior enamel finish is in very excellent condition without any chipping and still very shiny with excellent color. The interior cooking surface is completely clean without any chipping and looks like it has never been used. The pot measures about 12 1/4" across from handle to handle and 4 1/2" deep without the lid. 5 quarts of water filled it to the rim. The bottom of the pot is marked Descowar, Made in Belgium, 2-E,10,O, FE Belgium. The underside of the lid is marked 2-E,10,24,FE Belgium. My mom gave me this pan and she said she never used it because it weighed so much. After finding them sought after on ebay I asked her w she got it from and she said her mom gave it to her along with another pot with a fry pan lid (which I will list soon). She said she does not know if my grandmother ever used it or not. I sort of feel bad selling my grandmothers pots but my mom gave me a Le Creuset cast iron fry pan many years ago and I never used it because it is so heavy (it's for sale on another one of my auctions). Everyone swears these are the best ever to cook with but I can't hardly lift the pan empty let alone if it was full !!!!
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